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Portland Rovings

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Pure wool rovings from registered rare breed Portland sheep, produced in Dorset, UK. Portland wool is fine and creamy, and suitable for spinning into fine knitting yarn and for felting. Some red kemp is characteristic of the breed, but this is found in the Britch (back end of the fleece around the tail and legs) and has been largely removed in the sorting of the fleece.

100g bags or braids (please message me if you have a preference for your order). Natural fleece scoured and carded by the Natural Fibre Company in Cornwall

Bluefaced leicester rovings also available (pedigree white and dark chocolate) via my Etsy shop

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This is a small selection of the produce that is available.  I have more fleeces which are not yet sorted and prepared so please email me if you have a particular project in mind and I can try to find what you're looking for.

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