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Herringbone upholstery fabric

The inspiration for this fabric came from two Championship winning Bluefaced Leicester fleeces, one white, the other chocolate. Having been learning Upholstery for a couple of years I wanted to create a material to cover some family heirlooms. However, to make a fabric 140cm wide, with a minimum quantity of 50m specified by the weaver I needed much more than two fleeces. I selected creamy Portland and white Bluefaced Leicester to mix for one batch, and dark fleeces including the chocolate Blue’s for a contrasting yarn for The Natural Fibre Company in Cornwall to weave a Herringbone fabric.

A range of throws and cushions in addition to fabric are available via my Etsy Shop.

Throws and knee rugs were produced in Ceredigion, Wales by Curlew Weavers

I have upholstered some favourite chairs and now have fabric for sale.  We have also produced cushions to complement our sheepskin range.

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