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Fleece for sale

Raw fleece (unwashed) is checked for fibre strength, skirted (dags removed), and any contamination by vegetation removed by hand. Portland fleece characteristically contains some red kemp (water shredding fibres) in the britch (tail) area and this is generally removed before the fleece is rolled. Many of these have been selected for possible exhibition.

A record is kept of the indentity of the sheep which produced the fleece. Every year the ram fleeces are sent to the British Wool Marketing Board for individual assessment to help select those with good wool properties for breeding.

  • Portland fleece, shearling and older ewe fleeces usually weigh a little over 1 kg. Shearling (first) fleeces are generally longer staple, and so are heavier. From £10.00

  • I produce some coloured crossbred fleeces, from Jacob and Bluefaced Leicester crosses with Portland sheep

  • Prizewinning bluefaced leicester fleeces also sometimes available (1 to 2 kg) from £15

  • I also have scoured and carded Portland Rovings for those spinners and felters who would like a smaller quantity of ready to use fibre. Please visit my Etsy shop

Please email to let me know what you are looking for


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