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Sheepskin rugs and handmade Cushions



Handmade Sheepskin cushion covers made from Pure and Crossbred Portland lambskins


Each cushion is unique and can be finished with your choice of buttons – choose from horn, mother-of-pearl, wood or handmade traditional Dorset buttons.

Dorset buttons
Dorset button making began in 1622 when Abraham Case married and settled in Shaftesbury.     The most popular and famous button, the Crosswheel appeared around 1700.

Throughout the 18th century button making became an important village industry in Dorset and many variations of the Crosswheel buttons evolved.  At the 1851 Great Exhibition at Crystal Palace a button making machine was on display and, within a very short time, the hand-made button industry collapsed, destroying the livelihood of hundreds of workers.

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