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Portland ewe tegs
sherborne 2015 (caroline's pic)
Miel 2
'14-June15 1183
Moonshine 3
'14-June15 684
garden cushions1
'14-June15 1103
'14-June15 896
'14-June15 1304

The Waterman and Marsden Flocks

Pedigree Portland Sheep


Dorset's rare breed for

all seasons and all reasons

Thrifty, hardy and easily handled sheep, ideal for smallholders

An ancient breed; Portlands originated in South Dorset, on the Isle of Portland where indigenous sheep were influenced by Mediterranean animals imported by the Romans and Phoenicians.

Portlands are a representative of the Wessex tan-faced group of sheep breeds.

The ewes are good, milky mothers and may breed out of season.

Lambs are born with a foxy red fleece which changes to cream in the first year.

Both sexes are horned. Portlands produce high quality wool and deliciously flavoursome meat.

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