Exmoor Mule Wether half fleece

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This large fleece has a long, strong staple and wavy crimp. I have divided it in half since it may be too big for many spinners.

The Exmoor mule is a cross of a Bluefaced Leicester sire on an Exmoor Horn ewe to produce a hardy, milky and prolific ewe. Exmoor horns have finer wool than most Hill breeds, and crossed with the bluefaced leicester this gives a wonderful lustrous fleece.

Raw, unwashed fleece, skirted, minimal vm

Staple length 16cm

Side A: 1.8 kg £11-00

Side B - sold

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This is a small selection of the produce that is available.  I have more fleeces which are not yet sorted and prepared so please email me if you have a particular project in mind and I can try to find what you're looking for.

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